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Laboratoryagain! Laboratory work - what? for what? Why?
What is laboratory work?
The essence of the laboratory work is hidden in its name. It impliesthe conduct and analysis of a certain study, the results of which are obtainedempirically in a specially equipped room - a laboratory. Based on theessence of such work, the laboratory practice determines the purpose oflaboratory work to deeply study students of various phenomena and laws.
The laboratory work algorithm includes: performing theoreticalcalculations, obtaining actual data in practice using the appropriateequipment, consolidating and analyzing the results obtained in a documentaryand reporting form.
Our resource invites you to download free laboratory works, and write yourreport on their basis. We recommend using the lab work help only as a basicmaterial. Many works contain formulas and calculations that will helpcalculate similar parameters. With ready-made work and a small investmentof your own effort, you can easily write a laboratory report!  
What is laboratory work for?
The meaning of laboratory work:
·                           the study by students of acertain phenomenon, program, methodology in practice;
·                           familiarization withmeasurement techniques and information processing rules;
·                           identification of deviationsof the actual and prototype samples;
·                           identifying the reasons forthese deviations;
·                           writing conclusions containingrecommendations for making appropriate decisions, analyzing the results.
How to prepare a laboratoryreport?
The requirements for the design of laboratory work allow you to write areport both in a typewritten and handwritten way. The basic rules for allwork are reduced to the following points:
1.                          1. The title page indicatesthe title of the work, and all other standard data.
2.                          2. The beginning of the reportis preceded by the formulation of the purpose of the work and a description ofthe physical phenomenon that is investigated in the work. The following isthe equipment used for the study and all materials used.
3.                          3. After that, a superficialintroduction to the work is done, which should reveal the essence of thework. If equipment or a special installation is used, then a mandatoryrequirement will be to bring its schematic sketch.
4.                           4. From the laboratory log, inwhich records of the measurement results were kept, the data are transferred tothe corresponding report tables. Alltables must have a title.
5.                          5. Depending on the disciplineand purpose of the laboratory work, the calculated part of the report containsformulas and (or) applied methods for calculating and studying the influence ofcertain factors on the study. Formulas should contain full decoding andsequential calculation with the substitution of numerical data. After thecalculation, conclusions are given to the calculations and, if necessary, thecalculation of errors is made. After each exercise, a record is made ofthe final research results obtained in this task.
6.                          6. Attached to the report aregraphs, diagrams, diagrams directly related to the object of work, in the formof attachments, if they were not given in the text of the work. The graphsshould show which of the exercises they relate to, and what is depicted onthem.
7.                          7. At the end of the report,conclusions are formulated, in which all the intermediate and final resultsobtained should be analyzed and conclusions on their comparison withtheoretical dependencies are given.
8.                          8. The work is formalized inaccordance with the methodological requirements of the educational institution.
9.                          9. A report on laboratorywork, together with theoretical material, is handed over to the teacher.
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